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黒川 勝利 岡山大学
In September 1921, the Seattle Progressive Citizens’ League was formed with the help of the North American Japanese Association. Led by Haru Osawa, the Secretary, the League started various activities to increase the political awareness of the second-generation Japanese Americans. Haru’s eagerness and leadership ability aroused the hope of people for the future of the League. George Yamaoka, the Secretary of the University Student Club, was also eager for the empowerment of the status of the Japanese Americans in those years. In November 1923, however, Haru Osawa departed this life too young. George Yamaoka also left Seattle to go on to the graduate school in Washington D.C. After the death of Haru Osawa, the League continued to try to improve the conditions of the Japanese Americans in Seattle. It made efforts to increase the membership. It tried to increase the voter turnout of the Japanese Americans. And it sent delegates to the conference of the American Loyalty League, its counter part in California. The vigor of the years when Haru Osawa had been leading the League, however, was gradually lost. In 1928, James Sakamoto began to publish the Japanese American Courier and the League was reorganized under the leadership of Clarence Takeya Arai.
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