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決着の日―1989年10月9日, ライプツィヒ―

藤本 建夫 甲南大学経済学部
The history of DDR ended when the Wall between East and West Berlin fell down on November 9, 1989. Just one month before the Wall fell down, on October 9, 70,000 citizens demonstrated in Leipzig (at that time, the population of the city was 550,000). Though this demonstration was illigal, the authorities couldn't stop it. The success of this demonstration caused a rapid loss ofthe authority of the system. What caused this situation was that the citizens of Leipzig accumulated various dissatisfactions against the economic, political and social system and that the system itself couldn't solve their dissatisfactions. The problem was who organized these dissatisfactions. In Leipzig, the church became the place where the citizens concentrated and the demonstration succeeded through the mediation of Masur, the director of Gewandhaus, between the citizens and the party (SED) in Leipzig.
論説 (Article)