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岡 益巳
In my previous works, I tried to analyze the various phases of the Chinese society through six hundred popular jingles or "minyao" under the regime of Deng Xiaoping, and also made it clear that the unprecedented boom of popular jingles was caused by the expansion of social contradictions and partial acquiescence of jingles critical of the regime. In this study, I refer to when and how often special articles on popular jingles appeared in the monthly magazines of Hong-Kong, and try to clarify the interrelation between the special articles and the changes in China's open policies. Then, I selected about thirty popular jingles which are interesting and impressive. They show some of the typical social phenomena in the latter half of 1990's. They indicate that the corruption among high government officials is prevailing and that the sexual morality of the whole society is also on the brink of a crisis.
論説 (Article)