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A Logic of Industrial Policy and Regulation

Takemura, Shosuke
Industrial policy has important effects on budget constraints of producer and consumer by changing relative prices among industrial sectors as well as regulation. I discussed some of the effects of budget constraint problems using policy decision line on my another paper. Experiences in some countries including Japan and U. S. tell us that some important industries particularly including semi-conductor industry have typical and interesting industrial problems and characters. In this paper I dare to study a few of theoretical explorations and some socio-economic facets. I use my several ideas and microeconomic tools necessary for analysis of industrial policy and regulation. Particularly I'd like to pay attention to two problems. They are information problem and interface problem. I called them so. The problems affect an innovational technology and a barrier of entry for enterprises and industries concerned. Also I'm going to discuss some industrial meanings using my new word "rivalry". This is a fatal word surpassing the classical and well-known one "competition".
論説 (Article)