Mathematical Journal of Okayama University 59巻 1号
2017-01 発行

Blowup and global existence of a solution to a semilinear reaction-diffusion system with the fractional Laplacian

Kakehi, Tomoyuki Department of Mathematics, Okayama University
Oshita, Yoshihito Department of Mathematics, Okayama University
Publication Date
In this paper, we deal with the semilinear reaction diffusion system with the fractional Laplacian.

where p,q > 1 and 0 < α < 1. We study the existence of a global in time solution, the blowup of a solution, and the life span of the blowup solution to the above reaction-diffusion system for sufficiently small initial data.
Reaction diffusion system
fractional Laplacian
global existence
life span