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Measurement System of Biomechanical Properties for Portable Use

Yamada Nobuya Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
岡 久雄 Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Kaken ID publons researchmap
It is difficult to evaluate a biomechanical properties quantitatively. The authors developed the measurement system of biomechanical properties formerly but it is on a large scale because of the use of personal computer. In this study, the portable measurement system of biomechanical impedance/mobility is developed. To establish a rapid measurement, a random vibration is adopted in input signal. The system consists of the measuring probe, amplifier, and a note-typed personal computer. The measurement probe is developed newly, and has an overall length of 9 ㎝ (without a handle) and a total weight of about 500 g. The measurement program is also developed and is available to any computer which is worked under MS DOS compatible in Windows 95/98 operating system. The biomechanical spectra of thigh, temple and forehead are obtained and they show three typical spectrum patterns.