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New Stable Sulfonium Ylides. 1-Dimethylsulfuranylidene-l-phenylsulfonyl-2-propanone and Related Compounds

Takeda Akira Department oj Synthetics Chemistry
Wada Satosi Department oj Synthetics Chemistry
Uno Takaaki Department oj Synthetics Chemistry
Masuike Taketosi Department of Applied Chemistry, Fuculty of Engineering, Osaka City University
Torii Sigeru Department of Industrial Chemistry, School of Engineering, Okayama University
The preparation of the title compounds as a new type of stable S-ylides has been described. The reaction of 1-dimethylsulfuranylidene-1-phenylsulfonyl-2-propanone (IIb) with lithium aluminium hydride was found to result in the formation of trans-phenylpropenylsulfone (IV), phenylsulfonyl-2-propanone (Ib), and an unidentified paraffin as major products.