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Potential Sweep Voltammetry of Na(2)O-SiO(2) Glass Melt by Stationary Platinum Electrodes

Hirai Taketsugu Department of Synthetics Chemistry
Takahashi Katsuaki Department of Industrial Chemistry, School of Engineering, Okayama University
Potential sweep voltammetries of Na(2)O·SiO(2) and Na(2)O·2SiO(2) at 730-1200°C were performed with the stationary platinum wire electrode and with the sweep rates of 40 and 120mV/sec. Although current-potential relation of Na(2)O . SiO(2) at 1200°C gave stationary S-shape pattern, those of the rest were transient modes with hysteresis. From the voltammetric considerations, a reversible oxygen electrode process where diffuion of free oxygen anion or silicate anion may be a rate-determining stage was tentatively proposed. Approximate estimations of decomposition voltage supported that a sole reaction process such as the decomposition of Na(2)O or indirect decomposition of SiO(2) in the melt was most probable.