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脳腫瘍患者の細胞性免疫能に関する研究 ―末梢血リンパ球Tγ細胞の動態を中心とした検索―

藤原 敬 岡山大学脳神経外科学教室
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Cell-mediated immunity was evaluated in 74 patients with brain tumor. The delayed type hypersensitivity skin test and the percentages of T and Tγ cells among peripheral lymphocyte were used as immunological parameters. Significant impairment of the delayed type hypersensitivity test and an increase in the Tγ cell counts were found in patients with malignant brain tumor as compared with normal controls and patients with benign tumor. After removal of the tumor, these parameters returned to normal. Tγ cell counts in patients with sub-tentorial tumor were significantly higher than those with supra-tentorial tumor. It has been suggested that certain intracranial tumors might interfere with the possible cerebral function participating in the regulation of cell mediated immunity. The Tγ cell level is considered to be a valuable parameter for evaluating cell mediated immunity in patients with malignant brain tumor.
Brain tumor
Tγ cells
Delayed hypersensitivity reaction
Cell mediated immunity