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冠循環および心血行動態に及ぼす冠静脈洞閉鎖の影響 第2編 冠静脈洞開放および閉鎖時の冠動脈圧・流量関係について(左冠動脈前下行枝と回旋枝との比較) ―実験的研究―

西山 修 岡山大学医学部第一内科学教室
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Effect of coronary sinus (CS) occlusion on pressure-flow relations was studied at paek reactive hyperemia in anesthetized open-chest dogs during vagal arrest. CS was closed by a specially designed balloon cather. The pressure-flow relations were lineal in both the left anterior descending coronary artery (LAD) and the left circumflex coronary artery (LCX). With CS occlusion, the pressure-flow relations did not change in slope, but shifted to the right in both LAD and LCX. The zero-flow pressure intercept (P(F)=(0)) was 22±4mmHg in LAD, and 17±6mmHg in LCX with the CS open. There was no significant difference in The P(F=0) between LAD ahd LCX. The P(F=0) varied directly with changes in CS pressure caused by CS occlusion. Two Variables fitted closer in LCX than LAD. Even a slight elexation in CSP affected P(F=0). Therefore, it is supposed that CSP worke as an extravascular compression rather than as a perfusion pressure.
vagal arrest