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糖尿病に於ける末梢血単球に関する研究 第2編 単球ライソゾーム酵素活性について

宮原 潔 岡山大学医学部第2内科教室
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Lysosomal enzyme activities of diabetic monocytes were studied using cytochemical staining of beta-galactosidase and non-specific esterase. The enzyme activity of each monocyte was graded from (-) to (++++) depending on the staining strength. The results were as follows: 1) The beta-galactosidase(β-GAL) activity of monocytes from 23 normal controls was 40.3±20.2% and that of 49 diabetics was 42.6±20.1% , with no difference between diabetics and normal controls in graded β-GAL activity. 2) The degree of diabetic control and the way of therapy did not affect the β-GAL activities. 3) Non-specific esterase(NSE) activities of 37 normal controls and 41 diabetics were 94.0±6.3% and 95.9±6.9% , respectively. The enzyme activities of each grade were different between the two groups, that is, (+++) NSE activity was significantly lower in diabetics than in normal controls (28.7±14.1% vs 47.4±17.9% , P<0.001). On the contrary, (+) and (++) NSE activities of diabetics were significantly higher than those of normal controls. 4) There was no difference in NSE activities depending on the way of therapy. Poorly controlled diabetics had significantly lower (+++) and (++++) NSE activities than others. 5) Further evaluation of NSE activity using the scoring method by Kaplow revealed no difference between diabetics and normal controls. 6) The total monocyte NSE activity, which was calculated from the NSE score multiplied by the absolute monocyte count was lower in diabetics than in normal controls, although there was no difference in the absolute peripheral monocyte count between the two groups.
糖尿病 (diabetes mellitus)
単球 (monocyte)
ライソゾーム酵素 (lysosomal enzyme)