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坂本 裕治 岡山大学第一内科
糸島 達也 岡山大学第一内科
長島 秀夫 岡山大学第一内科
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Two cases (a 59-yr-old male and 41-yr-old male) of acute intrahepatic cholestasis in 66 sporadic A type hepatitis patients are presented. They were diagnosed as A type hepatitis by the elevation of IgM type antibody to hepatitis A virus using an HAVAB-M kit. Both cases developed jaundice with typical previous symptoms as the common cold. Serum transaminases returned to normal in 3 or 4 weeks from onset, but serum total bilirubin increased to 20.0mg/dl in the first case and to 17.2mg/dl in the second. Ultrasonography and computed tomography failed to show extrahepatic cholestasis, and corticosteroids were administered. The first case recovered in 2 months and the second case recovered in 4 hospital months. Laparoscopic examination on the second case, 4 months from onset, revealed green-colored liver with many depressions on the surface. Liver biopsy specimen showed the convalescent stage of acute hepatitis accompanied with acute intrahepatic cholestasis.