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Donaggio反応及び尿微量蛋白定量法に関する研究 第3報 血球凝集板によるDonaggio・佐藤法の簡便測定法について

松井 義典 岡山大学医学部公衆衛生学教室
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Author devised a simple Donaggio-Sato Reaction using a hemo aglutination board instead of the test-tube, and obtained the following results. 1) Value obtained from Donaggio Reaction and that from this devised method had a good relation each other. 2) This Reaction method was confirmed to be utilized enough well to all members of a mass examination. 3) Statistically significant increase in. both Donaggio Reaction value and α1-acid glycoprotein in the urine of students just after their routine exercise of running suggested that Donaggio Reaction positive substance and α1-glycoprotein have an intimate relationship between them.
Donaggio reaction
Simple Scruning method