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(103)Ruの腫瘍親和性 第1編 (103)Ru-chlorideの腫瘍および肝臓内分布

水川 帰一郎 岡山大学医学部放射線医学教室
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Subcellular distributions of (103)Ru in tumors and livers from Ehrlich's solid tumor-bearing mice (given (103)Ru-chloride intravenously) and in AH-130 ascites hepatoma cells (incubatedin vitro with (103)Ru-chloride) were investigated by differential centrifugation. Fractionations showed that most of the total radioactivity was recovered in the mitochondrial, and cell dibrisplus nuclear, fractions. The highest relative radioactivity per protein was found in the mitochondria1 fraction. These results indicate that (103)Ru accumulates especially in the mitochondria. (97)Ru and (67)Ga in livers showed similar subcellular distributions.