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インフルエンザの血清疫学的研究 第1編 抗体保有状況の年次変動と感染履歴の推定について

平松 宗成 岡山大学医学部公衆衛生学教室
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The hemagglutination inhibition (HI) test was conducted with serial sera of 63 persons, collected annually in 1972, 1973 and 1974, using 4 strains of A Hong Kong and 5 strains of influenza B virus as antigen. It was proved that the incidence of influenza A was reduced by means of lower positive rates (of titers 64 or over) of HI titers than prior observation before epidemic. The fact that the incidence of influenza B was reduced is proved by the more lower positive rates. From the result that HI titers against B/Osaka/2/70 strain and B/Hong Kong/72 viruses differed according to age distribution, it is suggested that B/Osaka/2/70 strain must have been prevalent about 50 years ago and B/Hong Kong/72 viruses have been about 30 years ago.