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末梢神経および骨格筋に外科的侵襲を加えた際における骨格筋の変化に関する細胞学的研究 第二編 支配神経挫滅の骨格筋線維にあたえる影響に関する細胞学的研究

日野 博夫 岡山大学医学部第一外科教室
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The changes in muscle fibers after the crush injuries of the peripheral nerve were studied by using rat sciatic nerves, and the following results were obtained. (1) A parallel relationship was observed between the recovery of the muscular function and the histochemical features of the muscle fibers. (2) After severe crush injuries, a tendency to be grouping a single fiber type was observed, although that scarcely occured after slight injuries. (3) Both the muscular function and structure recovered better after crush injuries of the nerve than after the reunification.