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農薬Drin剤の循環器系機能に及ぼす作用 第3編 Drin剤の犬血圧に及ぼす作用及びDrin剤中毒家兎の心電図学的研究

兵頭 浩二郎 岡山大学医学部平木内科
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By examining the blood pressure in dogs and electrocardiogram in rabbits treated with drin compounds, the author obtained the following results: 1. Drin compounds, when injected intravenously in dogs, cause a transitory lowering of blood pressure. But when generalized convulsions occur, blood pressure rises and becomes markedly labile. 2. Administration of atropine does not inhibit the effect of drin compounds on blood pressure. 3. Simultaneous administration of dieldrin and adrenaline inhibits blood pressure lowering effect of dieldrin. 4. Ganglion blocking agents such as chlorpromazine and tetraethylammonium do not inhibit the effect of dieldrin on bood pressure. 5. Administration of drin compounds slows the heart rate in rabbits. 6. In rabbits given drin compounds, electrocardiograms often demonstrate depressed ST segments and low to inverted T waves. 7. In rabbits given a large amount of drin compounds, electrocardiograms may show left bundle branch block, atrial fibrillation, ventricular premature beat and multifocal idioventricular rhythm. 8. In rabbits treated with a small dosage of drin compounds for a prolonged period, electrocardiograms show no significant changes.