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サポニンの細網内皮に及ぼす影響に関する研究補遺 第1篇 サポニン中毒家兎における肝および骨髄類洞内皮の再生

中村 泰造 岡山大学医学部第一解剖学教室
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It was reconfirmed that a sublethal dose of saponin produces disintegration of the sinusoids in the liver and bone marrow of rabbits. After destruction of the sinusoids, restitution of endothelial cells of the sinusoidal walls was studied. It was revealed that the endothelial walls of newly formed sinusoids are constituted of reticular cells which come from the regenerating haematopoietic areas. Although stellate cells of Kupffer in the liver and splenic macrophages undergo extensive proliferation during the earlier pariod of restitution after saponin poisoning, there is no evidence to indicate that these cells paticipate in the reconstruction of sinusoids in the liver and bone marrow, paticularly the latter.