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移植動物癌腫瘍抗原に関する研究 第1編 Ehrlich腹水癌腫瘍組織低密度リポプロテインの抗原性について

只友 康雄 岡山大学医学部第1 (田中)外科教室
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Antigenicity of insoluble lipoprotein (low density lipoprotein) in Ehrlich ascites tumor and its biochemical characters were studied. The cytotoxic effect of immunized male dd-mice serum globulin was examined by cell culture technique. The insoluble lipoprotein used as antigen was moved electrophoretically similar with serum β-lipoprotein, and the maximal antigenicity was obtained by administration of 1 mg protein concentration per mouse as antigen. The cytotoxic effect was mainly existedin γ-globulin fraction. The antitumor activity was most elevated at 25 th day after immunization with low density lipoprotein, and the effect was decreased gradually after 30 th day. The globulin fraction in lymph nodes and spleen was showed the highest cytotoxic activity at 10 th day after immunization.