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犬腎培養細胞によるジステンパーウイルスの研究 第2編 ジステンパーウイルスと麻疹ウイルスとの関連性について

山本 雅一 岡山大学医学部微生物学教室
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Comparative experiments of immunoserological and pathologic-morphological relationship between dystemper and measles viruses in dog kidney cells on the same conditiom of experiments could be done. Namely, both viruses showed the quite same CPE, which could be difficult to distinguish, but its manifestation period of CPE were different, and measles virus took about a week after inoculation, dystemper virus took about a month. And then, infection titer of measles virus was somewhat higher than of dystemper virus. Immunoserologicaly, measles patients' serum had of course neutral antibody to measles virus, and contained more higher value of neutral antibody to dystemper virus. However, there was not the definite quantitatve relationship between these neutral antibodies.
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