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犬腎培養細胞によるジステンパーウイルスの研究 第1編 犬腎培養細胞に対するウイルス感染実験

山本 雅一 岡山大学医学部微生物学教室
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Canine dystemper virus (Hokkaido strain) could infect to dog kidney cells and adapted to them. Namely, main CPE by this virus infection were multinuclear giant cell formation, cytoplasmic and intranuclear inclusion bodies formation etc. That was pecuriality which it took almost a month to manifest the CPE after inoculation. However adaptaion of this virus to the cells could be established easily 2-3 genelations of subcultures, and showed the stabilized infection titer. HeLa cells, FL cells, JTC-3 cells and PS cells could be infected with this virus, but the dog kidney cells were more suitable for virus infection, and it was late that these infected cells were separated from glaswall of test tubes. These dog kidney cultured cells were the suitable cells to these experiments of distemper virus.
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