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稲臣 成一 岡山大学医学部寄生虫学教室
板野 一男 岡山大学医学部寄生虫学教室
木村 道也 岡山大学医学部寄生虫学教室
坪田 種夫 岡山大学医学部寄生虫学教室
伊藤 義博 岡山大学医学部寄生虫学教室
作本 台五郎 岡山大学医学部寄生虫学教室
Mosquitoes were collected by light-trapping twice a week during nights totally 38 times from Okayama City, 25 times from Ichinomiya near Okayama City, and 34 times and 40 times from Mizushima and Hama in Kurashiki City, and the number of mosquitoes trapped was 5, 209, 331, 144, 782, and 4, 395 respectively. The maximum occurrence of mosquitoes was on the 10th at Hama, on the 13th at Okayama, on the 17th at Mizushima in July, and on the 3rd of August at Ichinomiya. The incidence of Japanese B encephalitis was reported three weeks after the maximum occurrence of mosquitoes in each spot.