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フローセン麻酔における脳波および脊髄機能に関する臨床的研究 第1編 フローセン麻酔時の脳波に関する臨床的研究

岩藤 隆昭 岡山大学第1外科教室
An attempt has been made to analyse electroencephalogram according to frenguecy analysis, Fluothane concentration in blood and clinical observation of anaesthetic depth under 2% Fluothane anaesthesia. Forty-two adults in both sexes were utilized whose electroencephalograms has been revealed normal under awakness. Demerol, Scoplamine and Pentobarbital were preliminarily given and semi-closed method of anaesthesia was done with either a mase or a tube which was inserted under 2% Xylocaine block of superiorlaryngeal nerves and of larynx directly through neck. Those premedications were hardly found to affect the E. E. G., but, under Fluothane anaesthesia, gradual decrement of the freguency and increment of the amplitude were to be noted. Frequency analysis also revealed under a tendency of gradual increment from β(1) zone to δ(s) zone. It is to be noted that slow frequency zone was not necessarily to reach the basic freguency to gain the sufficient anaesthetic stage for surgery. Such E. E. G. findings were found to be in parallel with the Fluothane concentration in blood, and to correspond with the anaesthetic depth in clinical category.