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皮膚疾患と肝機能に関する研究 皮膚疾患患者における肝機能

大森 弘之 岡山大学医学部皮膚科泌尿器科教室
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There is the closs relationship between skin diseases and the other organs, especially liver. However in spite of many reports the mechanism of their relationship and its details have not been made clear yet. For the purpose of studying this relation, the vearious kinds of liver funtion tests were performed to obtain the following data. 1. The disturbance of the liver function was observed in almost all the group. 2. The disturbed liver function was observed in 53 (32.5%) out of 163 cases. 3. Among liver function tests performed, Cobalt Reaction in serum was positive in 59.5% of all cases, Thymol Turbidity Test 24.5%, Takata Reaction 22.7%, Cephalin Cholesterol Flocculation Test 18.6% , Gros Test 17.9%, Meulengracht 4.4%. 4. The degree of disturbance of the liver function is seen in the following order; Lupus erythematodes, Bullous diseases, Sclerosis cutis, Erythrodermia, Pyodermia, Dermal tumors, Diseases due to fungi, Eczema chronicum, Eczema acutum, Atrophia cutis, Erythematous diseases except Lupus erythematodes, Pigmentanomalies, Diseases of the cutaneous blood vessels, Keratosis cutis, Contact dermatitis Tuberculosis cutis, Urticaria and Cutaneous neurosis.