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脳のglucose代謝におよぼすamino酸の影響に関する研究 第3編 痙攣家兎大脳皮質のglucose代謝およびそれにおよぼすamino酸連続投与の影響について

山本 泰久 岡山大学医学部第1(陣内)外科教室
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Convulsions were repeatedly caused by electrical stimulation in rabbits. Total free amino acids contents in these rabbits showed no fluctation, while glucose metabolism decreased like as in those with latent cerebral local anaphylaxis and human epileptics. The glucose utilization was cured to normal level by continuing injection of Glutamic acid, GABA, and Asparagine, but total amino-N changed scarecely. It is an important fact, that free amino-N content increased by GABA injection in rabbits with convulsion.