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流行性肝炎ウイルス感染過程に及ぼす諸種抽出物質の影響について (I) 細菌性抽出物質の影響 (II) 動物臓器抽出物質の影響

高橋 学 岡山大学医学部微生物学教室
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The influence of the various extracts of various bacteria and organs of animals on the infections aspect of hepatitis virus was studied by the histopathological findings in the inoculated mice. According to the results of experiments, some extracts showed inhibitory action and someone revealed promoting effect, but also others were no influence on the course of infection. It was nucleic acid and nucleo protein that were extracted from cholera vibrio which was inhibitory effect. The Proteins which were extracted from Typhoid bacillus showed raising effect on the sensitivity of the mouse against the infectious hepatitis virus. It will be found more effective substances which have inhibitory action, if further studies are performed on the other various substances.