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保存血大量輸血に伴う血管因子障害とその対策 後編 治療に関する研究

平尾 喜茂 岡山大学医学部砂田外科教室
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Concerning the vascular disorders caused by massive transfusions of preserved blood, the influence of several treatments on the vascular system was estimated by the capillary resistance, hyaluronidase diffusion ratio, platelet count and bleeding time. There was a striking effect on the improvement of the vascular disorders as continuous injection of intravenous hydrocortisone. Fresh blood and platelet transfusions improved the vascular impairments, same as in adrenochrome. And an effectiveness was observe, even in alternated transfusion of the fresh and the presrved blood. ε-Aminocapronic acid was useful for the correction of vascular disorder due to fibrinolysis. Moreover thromboplastin preparations, such as Manetol, and Naphthionic acid were also effective. It was proposed that those measures described above should be performed as prophylaxis before or during blood transfusions, rather than as a therapeutics after transfusions.