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肝炎並びに肝硬変症に於ける指爪根部微細小血管に関する研究 第1編 生体観察について

前〓 忠義 岡山大学医学部第一内科教室
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1. The dilatation of the arteriovenous crus and the loop's width and the prolongation of the loop's length were seen in acute hepatitis and they bad the vicissitude with the course of symptom. The findings of serous exudation and hemorrhage etc. were not observed on the examined cases. 2. In acute hepatitis, the nodule formatiom was mostly found at the arteriovenous shifting region. 3. In chronic hepatitis, the width of arteriovenous crus was normal or short and the narrowness of blood vessel was remarkable with the prolongation of disease, and the formation of nodulus and the winding of the blood vessel were also observed. 4. In livercirrhosis, there were two group, i.e. the group showing the picture of blood vessel seen in acute hepatitis and the group showing the picture of blood vessel seen in chronic hepatitis, and there were many cases showing the dilatation of stellate capillary and the prolongation of leeding time in the former but a few in the latter. The changes of whole blood vessel's system in livercirrhosis could be understood by the above results. 5. In the cases of post hepatitic syndrome, the change of the blood vessel itself were scanty and the slight change of blood stream's condition was only observed.