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異好抗体に関する研究 第2編 異好抗体と肝自己抗体の関連性について

浅田 清隆 岡山大学医学部第一内科教室
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The correlation between the heterophile antibody and autoliver antibody was observed, And the results were as follows. 1. The positive rate of the Paul-Bunnell reaction in serum hepatitis, acute hepatitis and chronic hepatitis were 87.5%, 68,1%, and 67.1% in each and the significant difference was observed on the positive rate of them in comparison to that of other diseases and normal person. 2. The cases seen the heterophile antibody showing the high agglutination titer mostly had the past history of hepatitis or the liver damage, the higher the agglutination titer showed, the closer was the corrlation. 3. The positive rate of the Paul-Bunnell reaction were high in liver cirrhosis and there were many cases with the past history of hepatitis in the cases of liver cirrhosis with the positive Paul-Bunnell reaction and it was noticed that posthepatitic liver cirrhosis immunologically had a different attitude to the liver cirrhosis attacked by other causes. 4. It was supposed that the heterophile antibody had the considerable relation with auto-liver antibody in hepatitis, but it was necessary to examine more on that the heterophila antibody was produced with the auto-liver antibody by the liver damage.