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流行性肝炎の病原体に関する研究 第二編 遊離単一細胞を宿主とする肝炎ウイルスの研究

仙石 晃久 岡山大学医学部微生物学教室
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Some properties of the hepatitis virus were reported already in part I. The author studied further the pathogenicity of the virus to single free cells. The virus used in this study was isolated from hepatitis patient and cultured in the chorio-allantoic cavity of chick embryo. and the following results were obtained. 1) The infection and the proliferation of the virus were scarcely found on various single free cells used in this study: this could be said especially in the case of EHRLICH's ascites tumor cells. The same findings were also obtained on the cultured L-cells. 2) The hepatitis virus used in this study caused the changes what could suppose as Cp-effect. This concept was thought to be valid, since this virus could cause almost identical degeneration of cells. Then, the virological properties of the virus, i.e. heat-ressistance, filtrability and resistance to ether, were studied again by the use of Cp.effect. And thers were found a fairly good coincidence of the resieults with the part I.