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組織培養によるBashford's Carcinomaの研究 第1編 回転培養に於けるBashford's Carcinomaの組織増生様式並びに培養液の組成に就いて

水津 昭 岡山大学医学部平木内科教室
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By means of roller-tube tissue cultur of Bashford's carcinoma the author studied the composition of the medium and the tissue growth pattern and also took pictures of the growing tissue by a 16 mm movie camera; and obtained the following results. 1. One to two days after the start of culture fibroblasts and histiocytes grow and wander out from the explant, and then from the third day or thereabout the cancer cells grow like membrane or meshes, growing most actively during the 5th to 6th day of culture. The tissue growth continues up to the 7th-8th day but thereafter cells begin to degenerate unless the medium is replaced with a fresh one. 2. By the degree of the growth of cancer cells, fibroblasts and histiocytes, that appear during the tissue culture, the growth pattern can be divided into six types. Namely, type 1, showing fibroblasts and histiocytes growing out of the explant scatteringly but showing no cancer cell growth; type 2, showing mainly the growth of fibroblasts and histiocytes and a few cancer cells; type 3, showing a narrow membranous growth consisted mainly of cancer cells with a few fibroblasts and histiocytes mixed scatteringly among them; type 4, showing the membranous vigorous growth consited mainly of practically all cnncer cells; type 5, showng the growth almost identical with that of type 4, except the middle zone of the growth area is of meshworks; and type 6, consisted mainly of the central growth zone. 3. As the result of study on the appropriate combination for the culture medium with the use of various sera (chicken, rabbits and rats) and their inactivated sera, it has been found that the medium composed of 50-60 per cent of inactivated chicken serum, 35-45 per cent of Hanks solution, and 5 per cent of chick embryo extract is the most suitable one for the tissue growth.