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癌抽出液による組織肥満細胞の動態的観察 第1編 癌抽出液の肝,皮膚肥満細胞に及ぼす影響についての実験的研究

楠原 冨弘 岡山大学医学部第二外科教室
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The cancer extract was administered 1) into leg vein, portal vein by 2) a syringe or 3) the continuous drip method. 1) Injection in posterior leg vein. By injection of 1 cc per 100 gram body weight of 10% cancer extract into posterior leg vein, the mast cells remained normal in number as well in morphology. 2) Injection in portal vein by syringe. Injecting the same cancer extract in portal vein by a syringe for five days, mast cells in the liver decreased in the total number in initial stage, which was associated with an increase in the number of destructed cells. However, in the skin tissue there was no change in total number and structure of mast cells. 3) Injection in portal vein by continuous drip method. The dogs which were injectad by continuous drip method in portal vein, went into shock and died within several tens minutes or hours. On this experiment the mast cells of liver tissue decreased markedly and there were many atypical cells which were vacuolated as a result of degranulation or destroyed in the structure.