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骨髄組織培養に於ける顆粒細胞の固定,染色による研究 第II編 実験的貧血家兎骨髄組織被覆培養について

丹原 茂雄 岡山大学医学部平木内科教室
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By performing bone-marrow tissue culture of the rabbits with experimental anemia and by fixing and staining the tissue in culture from time to time, the author obseved the cell growth area, and obtained the following results. 1. It has been foud that the accelerated bone-marrow func tions of the rabbit with acute anemia by blood depletion do not persist in tissue culture and also the maturation and mitosis of granulocytes are slowed down as compared with normal rabbit bone-marrow tissue culture. However, the pattern of movement of mature cells does not differ much from that in the case of normal rabbits. 2. In the bone marrow of saponin-anemic rabbirs both the maturation and mitotic function of granulocytes are disturbed. As for the pattern of movement, mature cells move by projecting ball-like pseudopodia 3. In the case of the bone marrow in the rabbit with phenylhydradine anemia just as in the bone marrow of the rabbit with saponin-anemia the maturation and mitotic function of granulocytes are disturbed and lower than those normal rabbits. Besides these, the movement pattern of mature cells is identical with that in saponin-anemia. 4. In the bone marrow of rabbit with collargol anemia by repeated injection of this drug for a long period of time the maturation and mitotic ability of granulocytes are greatly impeded. Moreover, the movement pattern of mature cells are identical with that observed in (2) and (3).