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静脈内に導入された鉄の代謝に関する研究 第3編 Phenylhydrazin貧血家兎に対する各種鉄剤静脈内注入の影響する肝カタラーゼ活性に関する研究

小河 博之 岡山大学医学部病理学教室
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The estimation for the catalase activity has been carrid out in the liver of the anemic rabbits mentioned in Part 2. The purpose of the present study is to see whether or not any changes are brought about by the iron instillation in the iron containing enzymes other than Hb. As the result, in the animals given a daily injection of 0.5 mg of such compounds, it has been found that serum iron colloid (S. I. C.) accelerates the activity of the liver catalase most markedly, and the grades of the rise in the catalase activity grow poorer in the descending order of ferrobalt, gelatin iron, and gluferricon. However, when a large dose is injected at one time, irrespective of which compound is used, no change occurs in the catalase activity of the liver, in a strange contrast to the control. This fact indicates that Fe(+++), when instillated into vein in a certain fixed from in a small dose at a time, readily enters into the normal metabolic cycle, but it will have hardly any enhancing effect when the same is administered in a large dose at one time, i. e. in the excess of the optimal amount