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Azo蛋白質の血清学的研究 第1編 Evans Blue-azo-蛋白質(EB-azo-蛋白質)の抗原性血中濃度及び尿中排泄量について

歯朶尾 正幸 岡山大学医学部公衆衛生学教室
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The author reached to the following results experimenting on the antigenicity, the concentration in the blood and the excretion into the urine, of evans blue-azo-proteins. 1) Evans blue-azo-human serum albumin possesses other diffusibility in agar and other paper electrophoresis than evans blue or mixed solution of evans blue and human serum albumin. 2) The movement of the binding zone to the weaker solution at the cross reaction of rabbit serum anti-evans blue-azo-egg albumin and egg albumin is very remarkable compared with the reaction of same qualities, and on the contrary the movement is not so remarkable in case of rabbit serum anti-evans blue-azo-human serum albumin. 3) In case of being combined human serum and evans blue, sedimentation speed at an agar method experiment changes itself but albumin and globulin maintain their natural states. 4) Evans blue-azo-human serum albumin in the blood decreases rapidly by 24 hours after the injection and disappeared at the time of producing antibody in 5 or 6 days. 5) Evans blue stays in the blood longer than evans blue-azo-human serum albumin and not excreted into the urine, but the latter is excreted into the urine produced within 6 hours after the injection. 6) But only human serum albumin is excreted into the urine in more than 6 hours being isolated from evans blue, and disappears from the urine in 8 or 9 days. 7) Evans blue-azo-human serum albumins injected intramuscularly or hypodermically both show high concentration in the blood in 24 hours after the injection and disappear in 7 days maintaining the parallel each other,