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子宮癌に於ける子宮膣部の炎症像とその予後との関連性に就いて 第2編 局所的好酸球症(lokale Eosinophilie)と子宮頸癌の予後に就いて

深井 潤一 岡山大学医学部産科婦人科学教室
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Attention has been called to various leucocytes that infiltrate into stromal connective tissue of the cancer, especially to eosinophils, and on them as well as on their relationship with the prognosis there are many reports. Various investigators entertain different views on these problems but their views are still quite conflicting with one another. In the present experiment the author made an attempt to pursue the relationship between circumscribed eosinophilia and the prognosis in cervical cancer. The author used the same materials as mentioned in part 1 for this investigation, and obtained the following results. 1. In both those given surgical treatment and those given radiation treatment there can be recognized not any diffrence in the prognosis between those who show a slight infiltration of eosinophils and these with no infaltration, but the prognosis is better in those showing the strong infiltration of eosinophils than that in those with a slight infiltration or without infiltration. 2. Findings of the prognosis in cervical cancer according to the grades of stromal inflammation and circumbscribed eosinophilia show closely resembling results in both stronger and weaker grads, and it is difficult to say which is the better. However, when the both findings are summarily judged, better results can be attained.