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体外組織培養法による人腹水の細胞学的研究 第1編 人正常時腹水の細胞に就いて

入江 悦郎 岡山大学医学部平木内科教室
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In the observation on the tissue culture of ascites cells obtained from the ascites believed to be non-pathologic at the time of laparotomy of 5 patients with stomach ulcer, the author obtained the following results: 1. The average cell count is 1, 161/mm3. 2. These cells are largely composed of phagocytes, mixed with a few lymphocytes, serous cells, neutrophils, eosinophils, and fat cells. 3. Phagocytes occupy 94.4 per cent of the total, and the majority of them are the intermediate-size phagocytes (46.4%), followed by small-size and large-size phagocytes. 4. The pattern of pseudopodia of the intermediate-size phagocytes resembles quite closely to that of monocytes, but with lapse of the culture time it undergoes some changes. Judging from the pattern of pseudopodia, transformation of the cell body, and modes of flow of the cellular granules, this cell seems to be a close relative of blood monocyte. However, the translocation of the cell is not quite so distinct. 5. Serous cells are small in number, but under the normal condition they do not show pseudopodia formation.