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大原 二男 岡山大学医学部産科婦人科学教室
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The author determined the tissue metabolism of 7 non-cancerous cervical tissues and 45 cancerous tissues of cervix which were taken from the in-patients admitted to Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology Okayama University Medical School, using Warburg manometer. The comparative studies were performed on its effects of x-ray (dosage from 900 to 1, 200 r and 3, 600 r) for the metabolism of 15 cancerous tissue and moreover, their effects of the various anti-carcinomatous agents for the tissue metabolism of 5 cancers each. These agents consisted of Nitromin 200 mg i. v., 15 cc of thymus extract hypodermic, Carzinophilin 15, 000 to 60, 000 u. and 75, 000 u. i.v., the combined administration of Carzinophilin 15, 000 to 60, 000 u. into the tumorous tissues and 35, 000 to 40, 000 u. i. v., and also Mitomyoin 16 mg i. v. The following results were obtained; 1) Whereas the non-cancerous tissues were comparatively higher in value of respiration rate, the glycolytic activity was low. 2) The cancerous tissues showed the slightly higher value of respiration rate and strikingly elevated in both aerobic and anaerobic glycolytic activity in comparison with noncancerous tissues. 3) The effects of x-ray on the tissue metabolism of carcinoma of the cervix were obtained as follows; i) The respiration activity was inhibited to various degree by x-ray irradiation, dosage ranging from 900 to 1, 200 r. and 3.600 r. ii) The glycolytic activity was inhibited by irradiation of 3, 600r. in all cases, on the other hand it was inhibited in most cases by irradiation of 900 r. to 1, 200 r., though some cases of them were elevated slightly and some not changed. Therfore, in the case of 900 r. to 1, 200 r., there was no decisive tendency. 4) The following tendencies were revealed concerning the effects of various anti-carcinomatous agents on the tissue metabolism of carcinoma of the cervix. i) In the administration of Nitromin 200 mg i. v., 15 cc of Thymus extrach h. d., Carzinophilin 25, 000 u, to 45, 000 u. i. v., the respiration activity was elevated to various degree, whereas in the adminisiration of Carzinophilin 75, 0000 u. i. v., the combined administration of its 15, 000 u. i. to 60, 000 u. into tumorous and its 35, 000 u. to 40, 000 u. i. and Mitomycin 16 mg i. v., the respiration activity was to various degree inhibited. ii) In the all cases the glycolytic activity was variously inhibited. 5) The various anti-carcinomatous agents had the similar effects on carcinoma of the cervix with the x-ray irradiation of dosage 3, 500 r. in the viewpoint of inhibition of the glycolytic activity. 6) In spite of beeing of their defferent actions on cancerous tissue, it appears to be believable that by the effects stated above, the metabolic activity characteristic for cancer tissue is inhibited and approach to the normal metabolic activity, resulting in inhibition of reproduction of cancer tissue, and in the cure.