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細菌代謝に対するオキシンCu, Co錯塩の影響 第1編 発育菌及び静止菌に対する作用

江口 幸雄 岡山大学医学部微生物学教室
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Using the standard strains of Sh. flexneri and Staphy. aureus taken from the departmental stock, the author studied the effects of oxine, Cu(++), Co(++), combination of oxine-Cu(++) and that of oxine-Co(++) on the growth of bacteria and the glucose metabolism during their growth. The following results were obtained. 1) The cooperative inhibition of oxine and Cu(++) or oxine and Co(++) on the growth was revealed most strikingly when oxine and metal ions came near equal concentrations. Of course, it was necessary to be kept both oxine and metal ions are exceeded a certain concentrations for revealing their inhibitory effects. 2) The accumulation of pyruvate and lactate in the media was markedly increased in oxine or Co(++) added media, on the other hand the accumulation of the metabolites from glucose was decreased in the case of Cu(++) added media compaired with control. 3) It was found that the metabolite acumulated slightly much in the media added oxine and Cu(++) or oxine and Co(++) than control media.