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トキソホルモンに依る家兎の貧血に関する研究 第2編 トキソホルモン注射による家兎肝カタラーゼ,血液カタラーゼ,血清鉄について

花岡 篤実 岡山大学医学部第二外科教室
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Liver catalase, blood catalase and serum iron were determined in rabbit following injection of Toxohormone, a special toxic substance in the cancer tissue, for studying the each relationship. Results obtained were as follows: 1) Liver catalase activity was markedly decreased. 2) No changes in blood catalase, blood catalase index and hemoglobin catalase index were noted. 3) Serum iron was noticeably decreased, preceding decrease in red cells and blood hemoglobin. It has been considered that the iron was adsorbed and seized by the action of Toxohormone, resulting the decrease in the liver catalase followed by anemia.