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The 22 cases of serum hepatities (8.2%) was observed in the 217 cases of chest surgery with the blood transfusion of the stored blood. The incubation was 42 to 205 days and most of the cases were occured in 3 months. The dosis of blood traesfusion was 600 to 2450 cc. The chief complaints were fever in the 14 cases, general tiredness in the 10 cases, anorexia in the 21 cases, nausea in the 13 cases, full feeling of the upper abdomen in the 4 cases, constipation in the 7 cases, vomiting in the 4 cases, headache and itching etc., and jaundice was seen in all cases, hepatomegaly was seen in the 19 cases and various liver function damages were also observed.