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結核肺切除の統計的観察 第3編 主要な合併症について

多田 邦夫 国立療養所山陽荘
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Statistical survey in 1332 cases of pulmonary resections, eight years since 1949. was pesformed on the complications such as bronchial fistula, empyema and exacerbation. Those retes were 8.4 per cent in bronchial firtula (two per cent in peripheral), 2.5 per cent in empyema except for the pre-existing, and 3.1 per cent in exacerbation within six months after operation, in which 86 per cent was within two months. These complications showd a similar diagrammatic curve in the annual occurrences. noticeably high in the fore period and lowest in the later, coming up slightly in afterwards. Postoperative complications were intimately related to the operative indicetion selected, i. e. preoperative chemotherapy. Occurrences in postoperative complications were mainly decided by presence of positive bacilli in sputa and cavity, further presence of resistant bacilli. The rate was higher in case of presenting becilli in sputum from the cavity even after a long duration of chemotherapy and in case of developing resistant bacilli. These complications wese controlled in most cases, by adequate treatment in the early postoperative course.