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結核肺切除の統計的観察 第2編 手術様式,一部合併症,成績等について

多田 邦夫 国立療養所山陽荘
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Pulmonary resection for tuberculosis in this Sanatorium, from 1957, was remarkably changed in its method and mode, directing to a destination of preserving pulmonary function. Sincc the postoperative treatment for pulmonary resection was improved, complications such as hemothorax and incomplete pulmonary expansion were decreased, 7.9 per cent in incomplete expansion. Mortality, 2.7 per cent as a whole, was also decreased due to reduction in exacerbation of pulmonary tuberculosis and other tuberculous comrplications. The rate of bacilli negative was 87.7 per cent, 96.3 per cent when transitory positive cases which became negative for over six months afterwarde were turned to negative rate. As a whole, over ninety-three per cont of all cases were operated on successfully, attaining the level of that in the other general surgery.