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結核肺切除の統計的観察 第1編 主として適応症について

多田 邦夫 国立療養所山陽荘
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A chronological survey was done on the operation for pulmonary tuberculosis in 1353 cases admitted to this Sanatorium, from April 1949 to March 1947. The cases formerly indicated for thoracoplasty were mostly undergone pulmonary resections. Annual changes were not seen in sex, but ago distribution, tended to shift from younger to older. Preoperative condition of the patient was gradually improved, and reached to its limit recently. The condition roentgenological was improved annually, though, almost one half of the cases had cavities which were less expected to being improved by chemotherapy. The positive cases of tuberculous bacilli in sputa were getting decreased in number, without any expectations for improving by subsequent ohemotherapy. By the way, occurrence of resistant bacilli was increased in a sense. Duration from onset to operation was increase. Preoperative chemotherapy was shifted use of streptomycin, PAS and INAH instead of single use, and the dosage and duration were tended to increase.