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保存血に関する研究 第1編 解糖作用

西原 庸一 岡山大学医学部陣内外科教室
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Changes of glucose and lactic acid in stored blood was investigated and glycolysis of red cellswas experimentally studied. 1) As the storage becomes longer, glucose lessens but lactic acid increases. This change is marked until the third week and from the forth week they show no definite change. The dereasing of glucose and the increasing of lactic acid are nearly in proportion. 2) The glycolysis of red cells of stored blood in physiological saline solution after 24-hour and 6-hour heating was measured. 3) The glycolysing power after 24-hour heating is much stronger than that after 6-hour heating. 4) The glycolysis of red cells in stored blood shows a same tendency to that in physiological saline solution. 5) The change from glucose to lactic acid is performed in blood almost completly while in physiological saline solution it works weaker.