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尾側腸間膜動脈結紮による大腸下部の血行障害に関する実験的研究 後編 尾側腸間膜動脈結紮による大腸下部切除乃至切断術後の血流に就いての実験的研究

浜本 泰夫 岡山大学医学部第二外科教室/平田市立平田博愛病院
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From the Ⅱ surgical department of the Okayama University Medical School. Director; formerly; Prof emeritus Seiji Tsuda, M.D. present; Prof. Terutake Sunada, M. D. The arterial arrangements and the collateral circulation have been studied after the high ligation of the inferior mesenterie artery and the anterior resection of the sigmoid colon and amputatio-recti in 15 dogs. The dogs were killed at various intervals and injected with a radiopaque medium through the thoratic aorta. Arteriographs were taken of the specimen. The collateral circulation after the anterior resection of sigmoid colon and amputatiorecti, has not been interrupted, and and necrotic change and insuficiency were not morphologically & histologically recognized. The anal function in the amputatio-recti with preservation of the sphincter has been recovered in 2 weeks after the Operation.