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本邦離乳食の研究 第Ⅱ編 主としてInstant foodを用いた簡易離乳食とその摂取状況

瀬之ロ スミ 岡山大学医学部小児科教室
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Six kinds of weaning food were made chiefly of "Instant Food" and with them 50 healthy infants were fed. As a result of this experiment the following data were gained.(1) The change in the amount of porridge daily taken dy the infants were as follows: 6 months old (30-50gr.) 7 months old (50-100gr.) 8 months old (150-200gr.) 9 months old (250-300gr.) 10 months old (400-450gr.) 11 months old (450-500gr.) (2) "Flake food", which was used in order to save time in cooking porridge, was very suitable as a weaning food in the early period, and later it could be favorably replaced by soft boiled-rice, supplying enough calorie and ample protein. As the flake food Was best ingested in the 5th experiment, it was revealed that its density should be 15 % at the beginning and less than 30 % in the later period and its quantity should be as follows: 6 months old (50-90gr.) 7 months old (100-150gr.) 8 months old (200gr.) 9 months old (200gr.) 10 months old (150gr.)(3) Though "Milk Food" is better than home-made "Instant Food" in the respect of ingestion by infants; but the former is regrettbly more expensive, and the latter should be improved on the point of taste. In addition "Oatmeal" is also considered to be quite excellent as a kind of weaning food. (4) By using "Flake Food" as a short-period weaning food, those infants who were delayed in weaning could be easily made to complete weaning in 3-4 months and at the completion period the amount of calorie and protein ingested by the infants was nearly ideal.