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筋電図による脊髄ニューロンの動作様式に関する研究(特にrigidityおよびtremorについて)第3編 small fibre (γ-fibre) blockのrigidity, tremorおよびathetosis様運動に及ぼす影響に関する研究

松田 穆 岡山大学医学部第1外科教室
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Incomplete procaine anesthesia which is descrived by K. Fuku were applied to the posterior tibial nerve in order to paralyse the gamma efferent fibers. There was no differece observed on the rhythm and the waves form of parkinsonian tremor and motor power on voluntary contractions although rigidity of the calf muscles was decreased or abolished after the injection. This suggests that the tremor and the rigidity seen in parkinsonian syndrome is based on different mechanism. These result may indicate muscle rigidity of parkinsonian syndrome does not depend on hyperactive alpha motor neurone excitability but on hyperactivity of the gamma system.