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癌代謝における血清Sperminについての実験的研究 第3篇 血清SP.と下垂体-副腎系機能の関連性(lnsulin Respones Test)

山口 益一 岡山大学医学部第二外科教室
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Insulin Response Tests were performed on cancer patients, rabbits administered toxohormone, Brown-Pearce rabbits, and rabbits increased serum spermine experimentally. Results obtained are as follows. 1) In rabbits injected toxohormone, decrease of circulatory eosinophiles was suppressed noticeably by injection of Insulin, and serum spermine level was slightly high at the time showing marked fluctuation of eosinophiles. 2) Although, decrease of circulatory eosinophiles in B-P rabbit was suppressed a little by injection of Insulin, serum spermine was not increased. 3) Insulin Response Test was in normal limit in rabbits increased serm spermine experimentally. 4) In cancer patients decrease of circulatory eosinophiles was moderately, suppressed by injection of Insulin, but no relation was noted between insulin and serum spermine reaction. It is thought that the cancer toxin lowers the hypophysis-adrenal function which would participate in spermine metabolism.