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大量輸血に伴う血小板動態に関する臨床的並に実験的研究 第1編 大量輸血に伴う, 出血時間,凝固時間, 血小板数の変動について

佐藤 訓三 岡山大学医学部砂田外科教室
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Changes in platelets, bleeding time and clotting time following massive transfusions of preserved blood were studied, experimentally and clinically. Hemorrhagic tendencies were observed in three of clinical cases and also in experimental cases. Striking descrease in number of platelets were observed in every case shown hemorrhagic tendency, and was considered as its main factor. And hemorrhagic tendency was appeared before the occurrence of prolongation in bleeding time, though, changes in clotting time was not so significant. Decrease in number of platelets was not specific to the massive transfusions of preserved blood, and was also observed in the cases transfused saline solution, red cell suspension, hemolized blood, massive fresh blood or plasma. It was surmised that the hemorrhagic tendency was preduced by intervention of vascular factor in addition to the decrease in number of platelets.